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Business Strategy

Our Business Strategy Group designs business strategies grounded in comprehensive research on economic and political factors specific to China’s evolving market.

The speed of change in China’s market is astonishing.  Policy changes and new market entrants associated with China’s accession to the WTO, the course of domestic reforms, and the ever-evolving dynamics of demand are just some of the forces behind such changes.  We believe that firms in China – or those considering entering China’s market – must frequently re-evaluate their business plans in order to account for new risks and to capture new opportunities.

China Concept’s experience and expert analysis have helped companies make critical strategic decisions while avoiding the many pitfalls associated with doing business in China.

Business Strategy Services and Past Projects:

  • Market Entry: Conducted a market research and competitor analysis for a european consumer goods company leading to detailed recommendations for market entry
  • Partner Identification: Based on specified criteria, we identified and carefully screened a shortlist of potential partners before making introductions to our Asian client
  • Acquisition Strategy: Assisted a listed Asian company successfully complete politically sensitive acquisition of a large, strategically important state-owned enterprise
  • Financial Structuring: Advised an Asian industrial company on the relative benefits of various investment structures for a new venture, taking into consideration new policy conditions
  • JV Repositioning and Restructuring: Analyzed customer requirements and competitor activity across multiple provinces for a European client.  Enabled client to successfully restructure the focus of its joint venture