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Industry Reports

The following reports are available for purchase now or will be published later in 2002.  All prices exclude shipping, handling and any applicable taxes.

New Releases
  • China's Book Publishing Industry
    Released in July 2004, this report gives a full analysis of the regulatory environment, market size and structure, opportunities for foreign players, strategic and operational issues, and recommendations for foreign firms in China's book publishing industry.
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  • China's Magazine Publishing Industry 
    Following China concept''s standard report format, this report gives regulatory, market, strategic and operational
    analysis of the magazine industry in China, whilst using case studies for strategic recommendations and opportunity
    analysis for foreign market entrants. This report has been released in July 2004.
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  • China's Healthcare System Reforms (165 pages) 
    This new report represents a comprehensive analysis of the histroy, content, current status and progress of the
    ongoing healthcare system reform in China. It contains indepth analysis of the influence of these reforms on key
    stakeholders in the hospital, medical insurance, pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution, and retail industries.
    In addition, the report explains the government''s new initiatives following the 2003 SARS crisis, and the investment
    opportunities offered by these new measures. The appendix also contains an English translation of 8 key regulations
    related to the reform process.
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  • Past Reports

  • China's Media Report (110 pages)  

    China Concept Consulting is pleased to present the China Media Report, a comprehensive review of China's media industry written from the standpoint of foreign investors. The report analyzes government regulations, current foreign involvement, market opportunities and strategic implications for industry players. The 110-page report is based on original interviews and surveys of industry insiders and regulators, and wide secondary sources. China Media Report is essential reading for anyone involved in this highly regulated and complex industry.

    Completed in November 2003, the report covers the following sectors:

    • Media Advertising
    • Television
    • Radio
    • Newspapers
    • Magazines
    • Books
    • Publishing Distribution
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  • China Pharmaceuticals Guide (206 pages)
    The Guide is published by Informa Pharmaceuticals and China Concept Consulting in cooperation with the Information Center of the State Drug Administration of China (SDA) and contains fully updated information on pharmaceutical policy, administration, and regulations in China.The Guide is published in Chinese and English.
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  • China's Plastics Industry (57 pages)

    China is the second largest producer of plastics, and the largest producer of plastics machinery in the world.

    Trade in plastics amounts to over US$7 billion, and is likely to increase now that China has joined the WTO.

    Completed in April 2000, this report provides a clear reference for executives and analysts interested in trading and investing in the market.

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  • China's Publishing Industry (50 pages)

    Completed in April 2000 and updated in September 2001, the report sets out the barriers faced by foreign companies looking to enter the market, and explores how companies already active in the market have structured their businesses.

    The report provides a clear reference for executives and analysts interested in publishing houses, books, magazines, newspapers, distribution and advertising.

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