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Risk Management

Businesses operating in China's developing regulatory and legal systems are subject to a wide range of risks.  Unclear government regulations have led companies to make investments that were later declared illegal.  In other situations, China's incomplete rule of law has left investors unprotected when partners fail to properly follow-through with agreements.  Although China's accession to the WTO promises to improve intellectual property protection, the country is still infamous for IPR violations.

The Risk Management Group draws on first-hand experience to help clients prevent problems, improve protection of investments and interests, define effective strategies when problems arise and develop cost-effective solutions tailored to meet their specific needs.  Our integrated approach to risk management takes full advantage of key contacts in government and industry, integral components to understanding the client's situation and to rectifying problems.

Risk Management Services and Past Projects:
  • Financial Recovery: Assisted an Asian company recover its investment when the contracted developer failed to live up to their agreement
  • Intellectual Property Recovery: Provided legal service to and helped design protection action program for a Hong Kong based garment company whose brand name had been registered by a mainland company
  • Due Dilligence: Carried out background checks on a potential investment partner for an experienced investor that lead to the withrawal of the investor after discovery of false partner credentials
  • Litigation Support: Contacted and coordinated with local court, handled a business dispute, and successfully obtained reparations for an Asian client
  • Investment Protection: Conducted a situation analysis for a European client and made legal and strategic recommendations for the company's actions to protect or recover investments of US$52 million
  • Policy Risks Identification: Performed a policy risks analysis for a European client and made strategic recommendations for its services to launch in China