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Corporate Diplomacy

The Corporate Diplomacy Group assists clients in developing and implementing communications strategies that build and manage relationships with business partners and government constituencies.  The bulk of the Group’s projects involve gaining market access for clients operating in highly regulated sectors of the economy.

China Concept’s Corporate Diplomacy services are grounded in our wide range of government contacts at multiple levels.  Our in-depth knowledge of the unique dynamics of Chinese and Western business practices and perceptions allow us to communicate properly between international clients and their Chinese counterparts.

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Corporate Diplomacy Services and Past Projects:
  • Government Communications: Advised a European financial services company on a communications strategy to raise its profile with government officials and regulators
  • Licensing: Developed and implemented a communications program that resulted in the issuance of an import license for our European pharmaceuticals client
  • Public Relations: Assisted a European luxury goods company plan and implement a major international PR event in Beijing's Forbidden City, generating interational and local media coverage
  • Crisis Management: Helped an Asian company liaise with local authorities and reach an agreement over legal problems arising from the activities of the client's senior representative
  • JV Negotiation: Coordinated and negotiated with local government and Chinese partners, and helped a famous Hong Kong based private club set up a JV in Beijing
  • Tax Negotiation: On behalf of an Asian client, negotiated with central and provincial authorities over customs classification to bring substantial cash flow benefits
  • Delegation Management: As part of a positioning program, arranged for an international organization to have closed-door meetings wiht leaders at the Minister and State Council level