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Case Studies

Below are summaries of how China Concept has been a key element in clients' successes in China.  Please click on each title for a more in-depth explanation.

  • Prying Open China's Computer Market
  • China Concept helped its client, a leading multinational computer manufacturer, set up a JV where the client
    had full management control and an unprecedented level of access to the domestic market. After operations
    commenced, the client quickly gained the number one market share position and held it for five years.
  • License Approval: Pharmaceuticals
  • Our client, a European bio-pharmaceutical company, came to China Concept after its application to renew the
     import license for its serum products was rejected, meaning it would have to reapply to import the product, a
    costly process that could take up to ten years. China Concept successfully designed and implemented a
    government communications strategy to obtain license renewal - thus avoiding the need to redo clinical trials
    and saving our client precious time and money.

  • Market Entry: A Steel Giant Expands its Horizons
  • China Concept conducted a market-entry study for one of Europe's top steel manufacturers. Our analysis,
     covering official policy, the market situation and trends, indicated that an unmet demand existed for the client's
     product and local manufacturing would be the best method for production. Using our recommendations as part
     of its overall analysis, the client established a $1.4 billion JV, increasing its total China investment to over $2.4